Fabricacion en Vallfrut

VALLFRUT, quality and more quality!

In Vallfrut, the fruits are supervised from its origin in the fields until the moment that we deliver them to the client. We carry out the tasks of planting, cultivation and harvesting the fields and conservation, packaging and marketing of the fruits under the supervision of specialized personnel that controls the different phases of the process for the assurance of the final product quality.

In order to verify this work, we have obtain different recognized prestige certifications, issued by independent auditing companies that supervise Vallfrut with exhaustive controls.

Vallfrut has a vocation for continuous improvement in all levels, performing the phytosanitary treatments necessary for the maintenance of the quality of the product respecting the useful fauna and the environment.

Vallfrut is also a member of the ICCSA consortium, where it dedicates resources in research and varietal improvement.

ICCSA-Vallfrut-Calidad desde su origen

Quality in service is also another aspect we like to take care of. A coherent planning of campaigns, fast packing, customer Support and urgent response to specific necessities of goods.

Our varietal calendar for citrus fruits sales begins in the middle of September with the first clementines until the end of March, when we offer to our customers late-maturing mandarins.