Exportadora de Naranjas de calidad superior

This is how we made the citrus in Vallfrut

Half a century of life gives us much knowledge and Vallfrut has evolved at the same time as the society that surrounds it and the technologies that are applied to productive processes in the field and central of manipulation. Thanks to this evolution and continuous improvement of the facilities we now have a cooperative leading the front of its sector. So, this is how we made the citrus in Vallfrut.

The fruits of our associated producers are harvested in their optimum state of ripeness and complete quality (we observe parameters in the fruits such as their color, sugars and their acidity …). Once taken from the tree they are transported to the plant for its conservation and then packaged in our own facilities.

Vallfrut packs the citrus controlling that quality is not altered and with a deliberate respect for the environment, seeking to guarantee the excellence of our raw material and its processing without negative impacts on our planet.

Vallfrut has installed cold storage chambers with a 2,000 tones capacity for make sure that citrus fruits are kept in the best conditions preserving their quality. These stores are fitted with the necessary equipment for the processes of conservation and rapid cooling of the fruits.

Vallfrut Confeccionamos los cítricos de mejor calidad

Central Plant

The packaging is made in various formats and with the latest machinery to meet the different packaging needs of our customers. The most common formats are made in Carton, plastic and wood boxes and also in different bags as Girsac, nets or D-Pack.

The packaging center has a handling capacity upper than 200 tons per day. This feature makes possible to quickly attend the requests of our customers, by this way they receive a final product of maximum quality and presentation that the buyers need for improve their market selves and increase sales in store.

We are serious in our commercial relationship and the excellence in our processes has allowed VALLFRUT to enter successfully in the main European markets.