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We are a hight quality cooperative

The production and commercialization of citrus fruits from our producing partners is the objective of our Cooperative. The facilities and fields of Vallfrut are carefully prepared in order to produce the products that could reach the consumer in the best conditions and impeccable quality.

VALLFRUT, the Castellón cooperative specializing in citrus fruits

The cooperative in Castellón VALLFRUT was founded in 1974, by the initiative of a group of farmers with interest in professionalizing and optimizing their work to give the best of their land to the citrus consumer.

It is located in the heart of the Mediterranean region, in a valley surrounded by mountains, at La Vall d'Uixó municipality of Castellón province in Spain. This town Is located at 8 kilometers (almost 5 miles) from the sea. The climate in this zone with soft winters and hot summers helps us to create the best produce.


In addition to the best climate and the best lands, the producers also tried to improve the final packaging processes. VALLFRUT has facilities of 8,000 sqm in a land of 16,000 sqm where it was invested in the most advanced technology to process more than 250,000 kg products per day. The fruits are packed in different formats in order to satisfy the needs of each client.

Clemenules variety is one of our specialties and currently the variety most demanded for being easy to peel and because of its excellent acidity and sugar relation that conquers children and adults.


VALLFRUT is proud of our loyal clients, many of them started with us from the foundation. They receive our fruits mainly in Spain, Europe and Nordic countries, whose levels of demand imply a constant stimulus to maximize the quality of all our products.

The latest challenge are the United States and Canada markets, where our oranges already are part of their Mediterranean diet.


In VALLFRUT we are convinced that environments care must be part of our daily life. Internal and external controls ensure that our fields and trees receive the respect and care that protect the legacy that we want to leave to our children.

Our Team

DNA cooperative, together we advance more!

More than 400 citrus-growing partners are members of the Vallfrut cooperative. Most of the production is dedicated to the cultivation of clementines and other mandarins.

We love to cultivate. Healthy plants gives quality fruits!

Vallfrut advises the producers and do some Works as the planting and the cultivation of the plots of its partners with the aim of obtaining the best quality in its citrus fruits and offer a sufficient variety range.

We take them down, at their best!

When the citrus fruits are at their optimum maturity moment, with the best flavor and color, we proceed to harvesting the fruits. For this job, 300 workers are employed and trained to carry out this task with the greatest care to not cause to much damages that reduce fruits quality.

Right preserved, then to the packaging. On the best hands!

Preserve the fruits in our storage chambers as long as is necessary with the right temperature. More than 1,000 tons of capacity. After that, 100 post section harvest workers helps us to the packaging according the customers needs. Now, its ready to go to the store!